Meet the Team

We are a husband and wife team working toward sustainable self-sufficiency on a fifth of an acre in the watercolour countryside of Denmark. We decided to embark on an experiment. We wanted to see how much we could do for ourselves on a tiny plot of land that we'd fallen in love with. Our goals are to acquire the skills which will allow us to be more self-reliant and to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labour on our own terms.

After raising our first flock over a couple of years, we decided to start breeding heritage chickens in 2015. We wanted to build our own chicken coops, among other things, so we also started our own wood workshop.

Ted Ewen

Woodworker-in-Chief | Chicken Keeper | Content Creator
Ted Ewen was born in the USA and lived in The Netherlands and the UK before settling in Denmark. He started raising chickens in 2013 along with his wife.

As the flock expanded it made sense to build our own coops, so Ted began the Hermit House Wood Workshop in 2015. He now does all the wood working needed on site, such as coops, nestboxes, grow boxes, workbenches, sawhorses, and other such things.

Niamh Brown

Chicken Keeper | Apprentice Woodworker | Gardener | Content Creator
Niamh Brown is a British web developer and writer who has emigrated to Denmark. She has always had a strong affinity with animals, and in particular birds. Before she began raising chickens in 2013, Niamh had also raised Budgerigars and Cockatiels. Chickens have become her favourite birds to raise because of their endearing personalities