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We started collecting feathers in 2015 when we found out that they are popular for arts and crafts. We collect interesting quills and downy feathers that we find in the coops. We also get large quantities when our chickens molt or we do a cull. One artist in Canada, called Bruce Shark, created a fairy using our own feathers and sent it to us.

In the summer of 2017 we decided that we wanted to make use of our feather collection. We want to start making high quality limited edition hair accessories, jewelry, dream-catchers, fishing hooks and other items with our own feathers. We are in the initial phases of gathering resources and information and once we have items for sale we will put them up on this page. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when our products are ready!

We treat, sterilise, wash and dry the feathers on site to be sure they are completely clean before use. Then we store them in air tight boxes, sorted by feather type and plumage colours, until needed.

If you would like some of our feathers then get in touch, tell us how much you want, and we can send you some pictures and work out a price. In the future we hope to sell the quills online, along with bags of the softer downy feathers.

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