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We plan to hatch chicks every three weeks between March and September. We have a 100 egg automated incubator and a 25 egg incubator that requires manual turning. Our plan is to invest in two more 100 egg incubators so we can hatch chicks every week. As demand grows for chicks we will increase the number of incubators we have over time.

We are also investigating ways to send chicks through shipping providers. We will update this website once this option becomes available.

Hybrids: 45 kr per chick - In Stock (limited supply)
Pure Bred: 55 kr per chick - Out of Stock

Hatching Season:
March to September

Note: We have suspended hatching chicks until some our new coops have been completed, so we can breed pure heritage chicks. Right now we can only breed hybrids. Our incubator is still available for booking.

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