Our Vision

After decades of trying various career paths and developing side projects, in an attempt to find our purpose, we have found what we want to do with our lives at last. For the last couple of years we have known it was to center around chicken keeping and wood working (to build coops etc.), but we were still trying to find the exact angle we wanted to direct ourselves in. When we decided that we wanted to build a conservancy all the pieces fell into place. We want to dedicate ourselves to helping endangered poultry breeds thrive.

Although we have started with heritage chicken breeds, we want to expand to include quails, pheasants, and other poultry breeds as well in the future. With a bootstrap approach we want to expand the number of coops we have year by year. Hopefully we can reach a point where we can not only conserve a significant number of breeds (and varieties) but to find successful hybrid combinations and to get them recognised.

Many chicken breeds suffer because they are neither good layers nor big enough to be meat birds, as these are often the primary reasons people invest in keeping chickens. So for example, by cross breeding the Phoenix (which is an endangered small setter) with the Wyandotte we get a larger bird that doesn't brood quite as much, and thus is likely to be more appealing to others whilst preserving some of the Phoenix genetics at the same time. This is just one example and there are many other combinations we wish to try. We would like to work towards getting these hybrid breeds to produce the same features over multiple generations and then to have these accepted (if possible) as a new breed in and of themselves.

We would like to become a large hatchery, not just in Denmark, but in Europe in general. We wish to be able to supply people from all over the world with our chicks and fertilised eggs so they can enjoy the breeds and hybrids we conserve - no matter where they live.