Intensive Care Unit

In June 2017 we decided to invest in some basic medical supplies and a indoor cage to begin our first intensive care unit. Chickens are wonderful critters but they get sick sometimes, just like the rest of us. It can be hard to find out what is wrong with a chicken and get adequate care for them. Over the years we have struggled to find a vet we could turn too when a chicken got sick. It seemed most people in the local area just culled them. We tried a number of treatments ourselves, but not knowing for sure what the problem was made it hard. The previous May we had lost the last of our first flock, the house chook named Twenty. She went down hill really quickly, so when we thought we saw another chicken with similar symptoms we decided we had to take things to the next level.

After much investigation we finally made contact with a vet specialising in birds/poultry that could do site visits. We inspected our sick chicken and found a problem with her foot, which would explain at least some of her symptoms. We researched the foot problem and treatments for it, then we brought in some over the counter medical supplies to help her at home. This is how our intensive care unit began. It is our hope to expand it into a ward over time and to educate ourselves so we can become the first line of defense against chicken disease - in order to keep our birds as healthy as possible whilst under our care.