Current Hybrids

We currently have a number of different cross strains that are on their third generation of inter-breeding. This allowed us to spot potential good combinations of genetics to pursue in more depth in the future. These are the known combinations we have:


Golden Phoenix / Silver Laced Wyandotte
We love the plumage these birds express. They tend to be slightly larger birds than Phoenixes and less broody too. They still have these tenancies but it makes it a more attractive bird for those who want broilers and/or egg layers. You can see the male version in the first image on the page above. They tend to keep the silver lacing, and the green tail feathers but they grow much longer - akin to the Phoenix rooster.

"Cuddly Chirpies"

Golden Phoenix / Golden Salmon Marans / Buff Laced Wyandotte
We have only had two combinations of this mix express amongst the generations. We think it makes a lovely bird with a good temperament that can be tamed with ease. It is a bantum sized Maran with a much larger body than a Phoenix, whilst combining the best features of all plumage patterns.

"Silver Buff Wyandotte"

Buff Laced Wyandotte / Silver Laced Wyandotte
These birds tend to be easy to tame and have sweet personalities. Then tend to be a bit on the broody side, but not as much as Phoenixes. They have attracted a fair bit of attention online too.

"Momma Chirpies"

Barnevelder / Silver Laced Wyandotte
We have a few of these birds in our flocks. They make excellent mothers and brooders, however they do tend to peck when you collect eggs so they are not as tamable. They look almost like a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen but their tails tend to either go a partridge interference pattern or the lacing differs somehow. They also get a green sheen to their feathers from the Silver Laced Wyandotte. They have the low lying bellies, walk, and the squawk of the Barenvelder hen too. An example of the rooster of this hybrid can bee seen on the Future Hybrids page. They are very large and make excellent roosters. Our one was hand tamed for a little while at the start of his life and he still is gentle and cuddly today.

"White Silk"

Vorwerk / Silver Laced Wyandotte
We had a Vorwerk for a while called Silk and she produced many chicks with this kind of plumage expression. This is the last one that we have today though. They can be tamed, they are broody on and off, and are bantam sized. The roosters however can be a fair bit larger, but not as much as the Sussex mix did.

"Black Silk"

Vorwerk / Silver Laced Wyandotte
This hen is another one-of-a-kind expression out of the chickens we have raised so far. The black neck of the Vorverk is preserved quite well in this one, and hasn't developed the silver laced Wyandotte streaks down the neck, like the White Silk hybrid did over time. She has three distinct parts to her: the black Vorverk neck, the silver laced body, and a partridge interference pattern on the tail (due to a mixing og genes trying to express at once we think).

"Golden Laced Wyandotte Mix"

Buff Laced Wyandotte / Silver Laced Wyandotte
In our third generation of hybrids we noticed that some other varieties were showing up that we didn't have in our original heritage flock. It looks like when you cross breed enough you start to see examples of some of the original base breeds that were used to make, for example, the Buff Laced Wyandotte. It's like some of them revert back to what they were made up of before the pure breed variety was established. So although this looks very much like a Golden Laced Wyandotte, it is not a pure breed because she hasn't come from a Golden Laced Wyandotte lineage going back at least 3 generations. They are variable between broody and not and are bantam sized. They tend to be a bit flighty and are not as comfortable being petted or eating from your hand. One of them acts as an "alarm bird" and calls out at the slightest sign of human/cat activity in the area.

"Black Marans Mix"

Golden Salmon Marans / Silver Laced Wyandotte
In the same way as the Golden Laced Wyandotte hybrid example above, we also saw a lot of Black Marans show up in our third generation of hybrids too. Some of them are pure black, some have golden or white streaks in their neck, one is very small, and one is even showing some golden lacing on her breast. However they are all based on the Black Marans that was part of the Golden Salmon Marans genetic history. They are bantam sized and are protective of their eggs, but not as much as the "momma chirpies" so they can be tamed somewhat if given enough time.

"Light Sussex Mix"

Buff Laced Wyandotte / Silver Laced Wyandotte
Again this is another genetic throwback. We think it might have come from the Buff Laced Wyandotte to get the white part of their body, but we are not 100% sure. We have gotten both roosters and hens from the light sussex line (but only have one of each at the moment). The hens are variable in their broodiness, they don't like being petted on their head/necks but are ok with it in the lower parts of their body such as the breast and tail. They are less protective than the Black Marans so they can be tamed but they need a bit of time to get used to it. The hens are on the large end of the bantam scale, and the roosters can get quite large in size and tend to take on the green/black tails of the Silver Laced Wyandotte, which can make for some pretty birds.

"Sperber Mix"

Sperber / Silver Laced Wyandotte
This combination makes rather large, handsome roosters. So far we have only ever had two roosters with this mix, so we don't know how the hens would express yet. However the speckled pattern seems to stay dominant in the body and the Silver Laced Wyandotte expresses as white streaks in the tail and as a green sheen in the wing and tail feathers.