Giant Mealworms

We have 1 giant mealworm wormery in operation at the moment. We started with 5 kg of giant mealworms, though we have fed many to the chickens (we took out 2 kg of these worms and created this time-lapse video of a flock of chickens eating them over 15 minutes!). We are on our first generation and have not reached the pupa/beetle stage yet. When this occurs we will need to move the beetles into a new wormery with a cork base so the beetles can lay their eggs and start the next generation.

We have experimented with using styrofoam and egg cartons as a medium for them to climb on/eat (along with the standard wheatmeal base). So far the giant mealworms appear healthy, as expected. This allows us to compost/recycle a waste packaging product that normally clutters up the place. We do many deliveries online which generates a lot of packing materials to dispose of. So this is a nice solution to that problem.

We intend to expand how many wormeries we have once we have re-housed some of our chickens. This is so we can re-purpose a set of bantum coops we had built, our first real wood working project, into a rack system for the wormeries.

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