We have 1 earthworm wormery in operation at the moment. We started with 12 kg of earthworms. We do not feed these typically to the chickens as we have them for composting purposes and not for treats. This system generates and collects a liquid compost by-product, which can be used to fertilise our grow boxes, herb boxes, and other garden plants.

We compost all vegetative kitchen scraps into the earthworm wormery; except for alliums, citrus, and egg shells. So there is little waste to deal with (plus the chickens benefit from crushed eggs shells, which reduces it further).

We intend to expand how many wormeries we have once we have re-housed some of our chickens. This is so we can re-purpose a set of bantum coops we had built, our first real wood working project, into a rack system for the wormeries.