Coop Waiting List

As we are building many coops for our own purposes, and because we aim for high quality work, we have limited time available for building coops for others at the moment. The best time for us is outside the chicken selling season between October and February each year. This way you can plan your coop (and flock) ahead of spring so that you have a coop ready once the weather picks up again. As we become more established, or our labour force grows, we may well have more time for building coops for customers. If you are interested in a wood working internship it might be possible that we could work together to build your coop, thus reducing labour costs.

So if you are interesting in getting a high quality coop made by us we recommend that you apply to be on our coop waiting list. This way we can plan your coop into our schedule in advance. When we have time to work on your coop we will contact you and start construction once you have confirmed the go ahead. You are always welcome to contact us for progress reports or to cancel the project if it hasn't already begun.

If you would like to be added to the coop waiting list then fill out the form below. We will be in touch once we are ready to fulfill your request: