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When our incubators are not in service it is possible to book them on site to hatch a clutch of chicks just for you. We can fill it with fertilised eggs from our chickens and hatch them for you. Once we have enough eggs to fill the incubator it will take approx 3 weeks until they hatch. Once they have all hatched you will need to collect them within 48 hours. The hatch rate of viable chicks is usually between 60-80%, although we do everything we can to keep hatch rates as high as possible. Be aware that until we have finished constructing our first round of coops we are only able to hatch hybrid chicks at this time.

A booking includes: 3 weeks incubation time + hatching time + up to 48 hrs in brooder.

Book 25 Egg Manual Incubator: 300 kr + cost of chicks Available
Book 100 Egg Automated Incubator: 500 kr + cost of chicks (bulk discount may apply) Available
Maintenance Fee: 5 kr per chick per day after 48 hrs (minimum fee 100 kr).

Hatching Season:
March to September

Note: We cannot guarantee the number or sex of the chicks you will receive. A maintenance fee will be added for each additional day we have to feed and water them after 48 hours of hatching. If they are not collected within a week of hatching, unless otherwise arranged, we will claim them as our own stock.

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