Wild Birds

We live in a twitchers paradise! We have seen so many bird species from our windows and garden. Every year it feels we get introduced to at least one more kind of bird. As we have plently of trees for nesting in, bird boxes, and food and water in reach - it is an ideal place for many birds to settle down or add to their network of watering holes.

We have a resident pheasant and his family that have made visiting us a daily part of their routine. We hear the male crowing and thumping his feathers several times a day. We usually see him a few times a week too. Sometimes if we are lucky we get to see his hen as well. We have also spotted a juvenile male hanging around but we have no idea if it has any relation to the others. A few years ago we were visited for an afternoon by a pheasant family which included some little chicks as well!

Since May 2017 the corvids have decided they like it here in the grounds of Hermit House. At first we just saw a handful of storm crows, but the numbers soon swelled to about 40-50 members. The word spread amongst the corvids that this was a smart place to hang out. We caught a video of one of our corvid visitors when they went into the run of one of our coops and couldn't find a way out.Ted picked him up and gave him a cuddle!.

In 2012 a family of swallows decided to use our garden as a training ground for their fledglings. We captured a series of photographs that we turned into a video of a dragonfly that had a very narrow escape during this drill! Ted turned it into a video called 'The One That Got Away'.

These are just some of the twitcher adventures we have had over the years. Other species we have spotted include: Red kites, owls, hawks, magpies, wood pigeons, wood doves, collared doves, gulls, lapwings, woodpeckers, starlings, black birds, sparrows, robins, yellow hammers, a range of tits, and more we have yet to identify.