Wild Animals

As well as many bird species there are a number of wild animals that have been seen in the area too. Our hazelnut trees often attract red squirrels once the nuts ripen. Sometimes in the fields surrounding us we can see huge hares jumping around. Some of them look as big as dogs! A few years ago we were visited by a colony of bats. As soon as dusk fell we could see them flying around the house feeding on insects. One time we sat out at 2am in the morning watching them; it was a spectacular sight. We have seen the odd frog/toad in the garden. There is a small spring in the middle of our village and we think they come from there. A colony of bees took up in our garage for a summer once, before moving on somewhere else. As mentioned before, we have seen foxes in the area so we take precautions to protect the chickens from them. When we are very lucky we also get to see deer. We have only seen them a handful of times. The closest they have come to the house is about 50-100 meters. They are majestic animals and they always brighten our day when we see them.